SEMINAR WITH Pat Hendricks 7 DAN SHIHAN THE 6-7 october 2018

Sensei Pat Shihan has always been respected across all styles and associations with a very open and interactive way of teaching. This year she visits Växjö Sweden for a seminar.

This year Pat Shihan will be celebrating her 44th year in Aikido. Within two years of starting Aikido, she had moved to Iwama, Japan to study under Morihiro Saito Shihan and returned over 25 times. Pat Shihan spend six years living as Uchi Deshi in Iwama and was awarded menkyo kaiden in both Weapons and Tai Jutsu. In 2013 Pat was awarded the rank of 7th Dan directly from Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba and was awarded Shihan in 2015.


Main seminar fee is 900 kr (500 for youths)

Payment can be made to Sedokan’s

  • Bank account: 5718-6405
  • Swish: 1231979681
  • Payment from abroad please contact

Write: Pat H, name, dojo

To register for the main-seminar, send an e-mail to

Welcome to you all!

Sedokan Aikido Dojo Växjö is pleased to welcome Pat Hendricks Sensei, 7 dan Aikikai Shihan, to Sweden and Växjö.

The main-seminar

The seminar, Saturday and Sunday, can be attended by anyone that train aikido, however, some awareness of Buki wasa is strongly recommended.


10.00-11.30 Keiko Tai Jutsu

11.45-13.00 Keiko Bukiwasa (Jo suburi and Jo awase)

13.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30-15.45 Keiko Tai Jutsu

16.00-17.00 Keiko Jo Dori

17.15-18.15 Keiko Jo Nage

19.30 Dinner at a restaurant


09.00-10.30 Keiko Tai Jutsu

10.45-12.00 Keiko Bukiwasa (Ken suburi and Ken Awase)

12.00-13.15 Lunch

13.15-14.30 Keiko Tai Jutsu

14.45-16.00 Keiko Bukiwasa (Kumi Tachi)

Venue: Katedralskolan Växjö


Free accommodation in Sedokan Aikido Dojo, please notify in advance.

For other options please ask when doing the registration.

My best regards/ Andreas Ebbelind Dojo Cho Sedokan Aikido Dojo Växjö and al members of the Sedokan AIkido Dojo